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Network chat messengerChat messenger for office network
Network chat

LanTalk NET is an inexpensive alternative to instant network messaging for local area networks. No configuration, no server, no learning. Install and use right now!

All PCs "communicate" to each other directly. The application automatically determines which users are available. Thus, you would need neither to set up, nor to administer the program.

If you are looking to deploy IM within your company, yet avoid going through an outside ISP, such as AOL, you should investigate LanTalk NET.

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LAN messengerLAN Messenger and chat for office
LAN messenger

LanTalk - is an advanced LAN messenger and winpopup replacement. With a perfect interface and many other unique features. Intranet messaging, lan messaging tool.

The program features convenient navigation system, so that you can easily find old messages. You can also export messages if you need. This feature comes in handy, when you want to e-mail the message. This software allows you to schedule the time when the message should be send (extremely important feature for companies that operate 24 hours a day). There are many types of new message notifications both sound and visual to choose from, including lighting a green light on the keyboard.

LanTalk is guaranteed to become an instant hit among the managers. Rather than calling 30 people to notify them about urgent meeting, you can send a message and be sure that everyone has learned about the gathering. You can create special lists when you need to send the same message to a group of people, for example your sales or marketing department. You can even send the message to everybody in the company who has LanTalk installed.

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WinpopupWinpopup messenger replacement
Winpopup free You can use WinPopup to send a message to one person or to a whole workgroup. WinPopup can also display a message from someone else on your network or from a printer on a Windows NT server when your print job is done. With WinPopup, you can send and receive messages and alerts from LAN Manager, Windows for Workgroups, Windows NT, and Windows 98 servers and clients.
On a NetWare network, you can also use WinPopup to send messages in the following cases:
  • If you are running a NetWare-compatible client, you can receive pop-up messages from the server you are attached to. You can also receive messages from other users running Novell-supplied network clients if the message is sent to you on the server using NetWare utilities.
  • You can use WinPopup to send a message to a user on a computer running Client for NetWare Networks or a Novell-supplied client if that user is attached to your preferred server. However, you can send messages to bindery users only, not NDS users.

Note If you are running both Client for NetWare Networks and Client for Microsoft Networks, and if the message reaches the specified computer or user through Windows 98 networking, the message is not also sent through the NetWare server.
WinPopup is installed automatically with either Microsoft Client for NetWare Networks or Client for Microsoft Networks. You can configure it to start automatically every time the user starts the computer, or you can start it manually.
You may read here how to install Winpopup
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Network alerter serviceNetwork ( LAN ) alerter service
lan alerter

LanInfo has been specially created for the business use. Many companies ranging from small companies to large corporations found out that this software is exactly what they need.

This is how LanInfo works - after you integrate this software in your network, you will be able to send messages to any computer connected to this network . The unique feature is that you can grant message sending privilege to your computer only and the rest of the workstations will be able to receive the messages but won't be able to send them. So you can have a benefit of instant communication without worrying about the misuse of your messaging software.

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netsend utilitySend messages with netsend utility
net send Small console utility that can be used to the text messages from the command line. Netsend works like Net send in Windows NT, but our utility Netsend works in all Windows versions also under Windows Vista. Free for use.

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Password managerThe most secured password manager
Password manager

SecureWord is a forerunner among the professional password management software.

The first reason for this is that this software is a highly regarded corporate security tool. In addition to generating and keeping passwords, it can store any information, including files. It uses Advances Encryption Standard adopted by the US Government as the official standard in 2002.

The second reason is that it is very simple and convenient. You may use it at home or in your office to keep important information in one place.

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EASY BACKUPEasy in use, flexible in work backup software
Easy Backup

BackUpTime has plenty of unique features that you are going to love, once you start using it. Like dynamic folders, for example. Or zip support. Zip has been a leading compressing format for the last ten years and almost every computer on Earth can utilize it.

The interface of BackUpTime is both hip and functional, so that you can easily use it while enjoying the cool design.

The program also features a built-in scheduler. Scheduler (also called organizer sometimes) is a program that allows you to run any program at a certain time you set. You can set it to run WinAmp at full-blast to wake you up with your favorite AC/DC song. Or you can use the schedule for more boring and routine things like running disc cleanup at 2:00am every Saturday.

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HIDE files or foldersHide files or Folders with Secure shield
hide files

Universal Shield allows you to select different modes of access to your files, hard drives, data, or other computers in the network. You may assign to any object (file, folder, disk, etc.) one of four access modes or any combination thereof: Read-only, Save privilege, Delete privilege, Visibility. And most importantly, you can use masks to protect groups of documents.

You can hide all text documents, or you may make all files in certain folder Read-Only, or you may make invisible all files that have related names. You can even hide local disks (a: , c: , etc.)

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