How To Look Like A Fake Pregnancy

Now days there are some women who wish to look like pregnant generally for the psychological or social purposes, where it is an option of the body suits and it is the suit to wear under their clothes.  In olden days people use the pillows or pads for looking like pregnant women by keeping this in the mind the silicone fake pregnant belly was created which is of light weight and look like a small balls with a round shape to simulate like a pregnant women abdomen. The common practice of replicating the pregnant belly is using the deflated ball, rolled up clothes, etc under the tight bodysuit, skin colored where this creates a realistic shape and color.

This silicon fake pregnant belly can be purchased on online which makes more frightening and if you like to look the belly more realistic the fake ultrasound images are also available where this makes you to feel as like you are really pregnant. The reason for a woman to desire the simulated pregnancy varies greatly from one individual to another where it could be of a cosmetic effect or social experiment, intellectual curiosity on one end or part of the larger psychological issue. Another reason for using the fake pregnant belly is for dress up or costume party.

Professional use of the fake pregnant belly

As mentioned above the top most fashion events around the world claims to have the non pregnant women with the silicon or prosthetic fake pregnant bellies at different occasions where mothers says that such type of models offer the idealistic imagery for that women they need to evaluate themselves with others. This silicone fake pregnant belly is particularly used for screen performance, advertising and at all stages. The following are the things should be kept in mind while wearing the fake pregnant belly. They are.

  • Your tummy should be kept in warm.
  • The belly should be kept in the dry environment away from the direct sunlight
  • The fake pregnant belly should not be folded either it can be hung over the stand using the straps.
  • It can be washed in the mild detergent and can be wiped out with a wet- wipe or moist towel.

Sticky lint rollers can also be used on the silicone bellies where it works well. The silicone fake pregnant belly is available in four different sizes where it provides the full progression throughout the pregnancy.

Fake pregnant belly that grows