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Network Messenger

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Send messages and file transfers via attachment. LanTalk.NET is a server-less application and does not require Internet connection. It provides a configurable interface and help systems.

Price: $17.95 per user for up to 10 users, price goes down at higher quantities.

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Windows 95 98 Me, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7

NETwork messenger

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Nice and flexible user interface.

While instant messaging is part of everyday life for millions of computer users, it has become both the savior and bane of many businesses. Instant messaging lets workers share information immediately, but it can also be disruptive when employees spend work time communicating with friends outside the office. It can be even more disruptive when internal sensitive information is passed, either accidentally or by stealth, to the wrong recipient.

LanTalk is very useful for managers. Rather than calling 30 people to notify them about an urgent meeting, you can send a message and be sure that everyone has learned about the gathering. You can create special lists when you need to send the same message to a group of people. You can even send the message to everybody in the company who has LanTalk installed.

The program supports file transfers ( as attachment ), text formatting, online status, message notifications and more. LanTalk.NET can only communicate with other LanTalk.NET clients.

LanTalk is an inexpensive alternative to instant messaging for local area networks. If you are looking to deploy IM within your company, yet avoid going through an outside ISP, such as AOL, you should investigate LanTalk.

LanTalk searches for other computers within the same network automaticly. The interface is similar to other IM user interfaces.

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