What Is Meant By Gta 4 Game?

The GTA means the grand theft auto 4 which is the complete edition of action adventure game and it is created under the organization of the Rockstar North for Microsoft windows and other mainstream operating system platforms.  This was released on 2nd December 2008 and many rockstart games are published with this game where this game takes place in the fictional city named as the Liberity city in the year 2008 in which you have to play the character in the name of Niko Bellic who is a war veteran.

The role of the Niko Bellic is that he is trying to escape from his darker past and also confronting the pressure of the mob bosses and loan sharks and when the Niko Bellic comes to the liberty city to have his dream.

There he finds the man who betrayed him in the war fifteen years earlier in which the story goes with the ups and downs about the Niko life and there is also a roller coaster ride in the story line. This ocean of games gta 4 is found to be interesting game which is played and liked by many of the people who like to play the action games. There is also another game which is similar to the gta 4 that is call of the duty which is a war game that includes the 3 different kinds of the challenging modes namely the campaign, multiplayer and zombies where this can be found in the ocean of game call of duty site if you wish to download and play the game. More number of the action and war games are available in the oceanofgames.com ocean of games site which you can download and install in your system and play the game at anytime and anywhere.

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